R&D – RESSOL 2020

What Is Ressol 2020?

Ressol 2020 is the abbreviation of “Responsible Solution” which is the name of our project that is created for developing a plastic and package free selling solution of household and cosmetic products in the context of sustainable packing and “circular economy”. To become a qualified construction for commercialisation, the final prototype must go through validation processes in operational environment with the regulatory approvals of hazardous materials. At the end of the process, the structure will be capable of dosage, refill, labelling and lockup the household and cosmetic products with regulatory compliance.

Our washing and cleaning solution guarantees engagement by mass customisation with 3D printed personalised flacons. The outcome structure also has a big data software background which is able to track consumer habits (following the GDPR and other relevant regulations) and shape them considering health issues, social responsibilities and demographic data.

As for the innovation of the system, we will connect this distribution system with data science in a way that the machines will be able to gather, store, analyse and further utilize data (in compliance with GDPR and other relevant regulations) regarding product life cycle, manufacturing flaws or consumer behaviour. The collected data can be used not only for marketing purposes but also for other broad-scale social, environmental researches and surveys which can help identify the different trends, processes and demands that can contribute to a deeper understanding of the problems and to create or improve new and existing methods and recommendations for further development. In this way, we can indirectly affect policy making in the field of environment protection which is one of our essential objectives.

The Innovation Behind The Idea

The regulatory system of multinational household and cosmetics chemical manufacturers is not compatible with this kind of interactive and permanently variable act, they cannot take liberties with this form of disruptive innovation because of the company policies, inner regulations and the inflexible steps of business development. Contrary to this fact, the professional team of our company has been preparing since 2017, the project initiator has studied the question from almost every side (i.e. legal framework, technical background, deep tech line, behaviour of costumers, psychological influential factors), our company and the subcontractors are entirely dedicated to the innovation project. For the time being, after the performance specification and design specification in the first prototype, Sansin is no doubt the ideal product to be filled in the structure to experiment the different types of validation and installation in the operational environment. Pilot project is planned to be conducted with the main Sansin products which are baby products, washing gels, fabric softeners and dishwashing gels. Sansin is dedicated to encourage the concept of “bio”, and this kind of trend seems to be one of the market leader aspects in the area of dining, hygiene and cleaning nowadays.

The innovation level can be noticed through legitimate functional connectedness with the correspondent closed system at the time of filling, locking and labelling processes and the big data edge of the project. There is no other company with the similar orderly and intelligent system targeting the same market. With personalised flacons we can use the tool of data mining which can also indicate consumer education and the addressed better society with demographical studies, consuming statements and in long term gamification components. In our future vision users will be permitted to leave their old flacons in our containers and after all the inquirers will have the chance to follow the recirculation proceeding. The informational technology part of the project will contain five components. The five components are:

  • backend services,
  • dispenser machine application,
  • customer relation interface,
  • mobile application,
  • backoffice interface.

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